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     Excel                 PowerPoint  




Draw freely, with precision

Grab a digital pen and work naturally in PowerPoint. Ink analysis in PowerPoint saves you time by converting your handwritten notes into text and drawn shapes into precise circles, squares, and even trapezoids.



Organize your thoughts in a snap

Put away the keyboard, ink a list with your digital pen, and watch it automatically convert to text and a bulleted list in PowerPoint.

Make presentations come to life with 3D animations

Say goodbye to static presentations. With Remix 3D, add 3D models like buildings, office supplies, and even dinosaurs to your presentations, bringing them to life with motion graphics.


Edit naturally, review easily

With Ink Editor, you can use ink intuitively to edit documents directly. Strike through words to delete, circle text to select, and automatically snap highlighter ink to text.1 


Find your voice

Tackle that blank page with intuitive tools in the best Word yet. Write documents, memos, emails, and more using Dictate in Office.